The photos in Vietnam were slides taken by Ralph unless otherwise stated. Words in quotes are from Ralph's notes on a slide. After the Ammo Dump Explosions on 19 May 68 and losing everything except one pair of pants, a shirt and one pair of boots. He wrote many times how he really wished he had a camera again because he was missing a lot of good shots. We are sure glad he got his hands on another camera! There is a good possibility slides are in chronological order.

*Some slides may be duplicates given to Ralph by Larry Callahan.


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 The following photographs are courtesy of Bob Weiss - 3rd Platoon, C Company, 5/7 Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)

The following photos were slides taken by Charles Callahan III or Larry to his family and Chuck to his army buddies. Chuck sent a description home to his parents for each slide except for the "C" slides. Chuck wrote "A" slides taken late March & April 1968 Vietnam" and "B" slides taken late April & May 1968 Vietnam". Ralph and Chuck have some duplicates so it seems they shared some slides. Slides are courtesy of Chuck's sister, Stevey Callahan.

The following photographs were taken by and courtesy of Bennie [Gene] Koon
HHC, 1st Battalion, 5th Calvary Regiment, 1st Calvary Division
26 October 1967 - 25 October 1968
Descriptions courtesy of Gene Koon
**Work in Progress - Check back for more descriptions**

1/5 participated in the Relief of Khe Sahn and were airlifted in by 227AHB and 229AHB. So it is possible that Bennie and Ralph crossed paths in a Huey! 
Ralph would of loved Bennie's camera gear!

The following photographs were taken by and courtesy of Bob Kay

HQ, First Logistics Command, Army Depot Long Binh
May 1968 - January 1970
*Bob's descriptions found on photos/slides are in quotes

Ralph and Bob first met in junior high school and remained friends throughout high school even though Bob and his family moved across town. Not knowing that either one was in the Army, they ended up in Vietnam around the same time. Bob did not know that Ralph was KIA until years later. My family and I have become friends with Bob and his wife Margie and their daughter Meredith after they reached out to us to let us know Bob had a memorial brick in Ralph's name placed outside Memorial Hall in their home town of Plymouth, MA. 

Bob was assigned to First Logistics Command at Army Depot Long Binh (ADLB) from May 1968 - January 1970, with a month home in between tours. When Bob first arrived in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhut Airbase (Saigon), it was during the 2nd Tet Offensive. He was grabbed up to work perimeter defenses of the airbase with different infantry units. When his group was asked who was M60 qualified he volunteered thinking they were asked, "Who was M16 qualified". Bob's lesson from that experience is "never volunteer for anything"! Haha! He eventually made it to his unit where he was the driver for Col. Robert H. Scales, who was the Deputy Commander of ADLB. After returning to Vietnam from his time home, Bob was reassigned to First Logistics Command again, but this time as the driver for ADLB Commanding Officer, Col. Thomas B. Mahone, Jr. He actually did not drive the CO much, but mostly worked for the Top Sergeant in the CO's Office. You can see from Bob's photographs ADLB (located on Long Binh Army Post, encased in its own perimeter) was a sprawling place with many warehouses and space to store equipment. And for the reason they had so much equipment for the war effort they were a daily target of mortar attacks.

Bob had two cameras in Vietnam, the first was nicer, but unfortunately also appealed to someone else; his second camera was smaller and could fit in his pocket and not be seen by Col. Scales (not a fan)!